The Mole, the Serpent, the Virus

From Jon Irigoyen's homepage:

Set in a dystopic future in the year 2024, the installation-performance speculates about future scenarios and possible next stages of modern capitalism as accelerated by the COVID-19 outbreak. Motions of repetition and looping run throughout the piece as overarching patterns, pointing to questions about the construction of historical narratives and inner mechanics of global economic and social crises. Unfolding in three chapters, The mole, the serpent, the virus speculates about imagined futures in attempt at navigating through present challenging times. .

Concept and direction by Jon Irigoyen. In collaboration with Gabriele Goria, Inari Virmakoski, Kristian Palmu, Joona Pettersson and Suvi Hänninen.

The project is part of Jon Irigoyen's artistic research at Aalto University Department of Art. Project kindly supported by Kone Foundation, and presented in partnership with Esitystaiteen Seura and Aalto University.

15.10.2020 - 16.10.2020
Kallio Stage theatre. Pengerkatu 11, Helsinki

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