Besides working diversely at, in and on all kinds of things related to art, design and performative arts, my main focus lies in creating and experimenting with spaces and lighting.

I aim to keep this page updated on what I have been up to artistically. You might find blank pages and only little copy-pasted information that are yet to become words of my own.

I am happy to work collaboratively.

I have worked under titles such as scenographer, lighting designer, video designer, gaffer, fellow artist, exhibition designer, and visual eye, among others, but I don't mind doing stuff together without specified titles either.

I am based in Helsinki, Finland. My most fluent languages are German, Finnish and English.

My CV is available in English right here and by request in Finnish, too. Eli, CV saatavissa pyynnöstä myös suomeksi.


+358 44 2377660

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