Inter-Floral Mint Box

Inter-floral Mint Box is a crest of shimmering pastel shades. It is an experiential installation performance, a mint-coloured installation bud, which the participant may enter. Its world is built around the variable connections of meanings that the colour mint green, the communication of plants and the box as the shape of the installation evoke. 

‘Green Blindness’ refers to the mass culture of forgetting plantae. It is the phenomenon when the basis of our human existence becomes a mere secondary background to our daily activities, in the form of a T-shirt print or as wild weeds that grow forgotten under the contemporary, careless eye. Inter-floral Mint Box explores this phenomenon through the metaphor of the mint shade of the colour green, openly and ambivalently within the classic black theatre box. Mint is the synthetic plastic hell of pastil drop boxes, the final morning of the Menegazzia terebrata lichen as well as the oceanic eternity of our seas. Mint is nostalgic, melancholic, lovely and desirable.

The performance reaches out of its box towards forests and meadows. Inter-floral Mint Box is a landscape of the minds, a botanical exercise, a colour meditation and an optical illusion. Like a bee, this work is attracted to a certain shade of colour, searching for sweet mint green nectar.

The participants can move inside and around the Mint Box installation and experience the performance on multi-sensorial levels. During the performance the participants will listen, watch and imagine. Each participant can dive into the colour at hand by slipping into a participation gown provided by the working group.

The performance is accessible to all and follows Safer Space policies. You may step aside or leave at any time during the performance.

Working group: Laura Marleena Halonen, Tom Lönnqvist, Marjut Maristo, Kristian Palmu

Dramaturgical assistance: Henriikka Himma

Lighting and spatial design assistant: Alina Pajula

Producer: Riikka Thitz

Residencies: Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (EE), Annantalo (FI) 

Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Finnish Cultural Foundation / Uusimaa Regional Foundation, Ida Aalberg Foundation, Kone Foundation

Premiere: 7.12.2019 at Theatre Viirus, Helsinki

Language: Finnish, English, Swedish, German, 🌱

Photography: Liina Aalto-Setälä

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