Scenography collaboration for WunderKinder

WunderKinder is a site-specific theatrical performance about aspiration, fatigue and resistance in the workplace. By mixing design aesthetics with contemporary working life discourse, WunderKinder investigates the neoliberal ecosystem, where work seems to have colonized every aspect of life. In a trendy spa-like office a group of young creatives embody the current culture of “hard work” that is beginning to take the proportions of a religious cult. As the pace constantly rises, conflicts escalate, and it becomes increasingly impossible for anyone to “keep calm and carry on”.

Script: Johannes Ekholm

Direction: Anni Klein

Sound design: Heidi Soidinsalo feat. Tatu Nenonen

Scenography: Laura Haapakangas & Kristian Palmu

Producer: Annina Blom

On stage: Edith Holmström, Gogo Idman, Robert Kock, Iida Kuningas, Markus Riuttu 

Premiere 17.08.2016 in an empty bank office space in Kallio, Helsinki as part of STAGE festival.

Production: teater 90° in co-operation with:
WAUHAUS & Stage-festivaali

Photgraphy by Katri Naukkarinen

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