Maanalainen päiväkirja

Maanalainen päiväkirja is a play about fitting in, youth and friendships in the capitalism-raped world of today. 
A metro station serves as the place where everything comes together and everything loses touch.

Permanent departures and arrivals, lost connections, wrong stations.

The play was Klaus Maunuksela's directional debut and is part of his master's degree in dramaturgy at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

I was invited to participate in the production as a post-graduate. 

Direction: Klaus Maunuksela

Dramaturgy: Ronja Louhivuori

Set and lighting design: Kristian Palmu

Sound design: Markus Tapio

Costume design: Tytti Alli

Actors: Eric Barco, Susanna Pukkila, Sonja Silvander, Roosa Söderholm, Mikko Kauppila 

Production: Johanna Autio, Theatre Academy

Photography, poster & leaflet design: Aleks Talve

Premiere: 22.11.2017

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